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COVID 19 Policy

We must be in accordance with the Covid-19 Guidelines to avoid cancelation of our season by the Massachusetts Health department, fines, and most importantly the health and wellness of our players, coaches, and community. These guidelines are currently up to date with the current 2021 Guidance for wearing face masks in public settings (November 6, 2020).

COVID-19 Guidelines:

-If you or your child is not feeling well please do not attend practices or games, everyone's safety is our top priority!

-Players, families, and coaches ALL must wear masks from the moment they leave their vehicle to the moment they return to their vehicle. This is for games, practices, etc.

-No more than 5 players in the seated dug out and the remaining players may spread out in the pitching bullpen maintaining a minimal of 6 feet distance.

-No sharing of any personal equipment. Including catchers gear, gloves, or bats.

-No team water or drink dispensers; each player must have his or her own drink.

-No sharing of food. The food stands will be permitted following Covid-19 guidelines and proper cleaning prior to serving each new customer. Customers must be 6 feet apart in line waiting for food. Just like everywhere else now a days

-Players, Coaches and Umpires must wear masks at all times, unless medical documentation from a physician exempting someone from wearing a mask according to the guidelines.

-Spectators are permitted to watch from outside the field area as long as they wear masks and practice socially distance guidelines put forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Groups who do not live each other are required to be separated by more than 6 feet. Yes, MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES EVEN WHEN SITTING WITH YOUR OWN FAMILY. Masks may be removed briefly and only for drinking and eating.

-Food may be brought from home but only to be consumed by you. Food will be available at the food stand for purchase as in prior years, following the Covid-19 Guidelines.

-Spectators are not permitted in or around the dugout/benches.

-The bleachers have been removed from the fields and are to remain behind the storage container. They are not permitted for use by spectators or players.

-Please sit in the outfield whenever possible

-Sitting behind the backstop or near the dugout/benches is Prohibited.


MASK GUIDELINES: according to CDC.

  • Cover your nose and mouth,
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face,
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops,
  • Highly recommended to include multiple layers of fabric, Gators are not considered safe.
  • Allow for breathing without restriction, and
  • Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.


-Now the hard part, how do we enforce this?

-If a player shows up without a mask they will be asked to leave and return when they have a mask.

-If a spectator is not wearing mask or obviously not practicing social distancing, the coach of the team with relations to that spectator (example Mr. Smith watching his son Johnny play), that coach would stop the game via Time out or stop practice to ask if the spectators could please keep the masks up and social gathering guidelines.  If the Health Board sees any violations in progress our whole season and everything the players have looked forward too would be in jeopardy.

-We don’t anticipate any spectator issues regarding masks and social distancing, however, should a problem arise the player can be ejected from the league without refund at the board’s discretion.